Bartow County School System

Cartersville School System

Private Members & Homeschool families

Members of the Teacher Resource Center have access to a large assortment of resources, equipment, and supplies to assist in creating innovative lesson plans and teaching tools.

The Teacher Resource Center is a membership organization.

Membership is granted to employees of member schools and to individuals paying the annual membership fee. Persons serving as substitute teachers, interns, student teachers, and parent volunteers are extended membership privileges while assigned to a school with the understanding that all materials created are the property of the school.

Children are not permitted in the facility.

The Teacher Resource Center is a professional facility for educators to prepare their lessons. In addition, there are numerous pieces of equipment that pose potential safety hazards. The Resource Center staff cannot accept liability for the safety of children in the building. Please make other arrangements for your children while visiting us.

General Information

  • Please have your school identification with you.
  • Always sign in at the front desk. Be sure to note your organization/school and date.
  • Only members registered by the organization/school may use the Center.
  • Children are not permitted in the facility. This rule is instituted for the safety of the children and for the efficiency of those working in the Center. Numerous pieces of equipment pose potential safety hazards and the TRC staff cannot accept liability for the safety of children in the building.
  • Ask staff members if you need assistance/instruction in the operation of equipment or help in locating specific materials.
  • Laminators, copy machines and other equipment will be shut down fifteen minutes before closing time. Please be considerate of our staff by completing your projects in a timely fashion.
  • Lamination of projects is part of our service. Nothing with metal can be laminated. (Example: envelopes and file folders with brads; glitter or other material that may possibly damage the rollers.)
  • Consumable materials provided by TRC are intended for use in the Center. We cannot allow raw materials to be removed from the building or allow the use of materials to complete projects for personal use. Projects are to be completed on site.
  • Computers and printers are available for use by our members. Quantities are limited per visit. There is an additional charge for poster plus size prints.
  • Copy machines are available for making single copies of resource materials for planning use. You may not make classroom sets of materials. It is a copyright violation to make multiple copies of materials without permission from the publisher. Quantities are limited per visit/day.
  • Resource books cannot be checked out or removed from the building.
  • Equipment, DVDs, posters, games and other materials on loan must be checked out with a staff member at the front desk. All items are for a 2 week checkout period. Please do not pass materials on to another teacher as someone may be waiting for their return.

All TRC members are encouraged to help make our Center better by offering suggestions about resource materials, equipment or other items that would be good additions to our collection. Suggestions for improving operations or services are also welcome.

Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance. We are here to help!