Membership Packet

The Teacher Resource Center is such a unique service, impacting thousands of students and the educators who are so dedicated to serving them well. I am delighted to present these changes and the staff and I will serve the educational community in Bartow County with the continued level of distinction.

The TRC is modifying the membership structure allowing the entire education staff at your learning center to use the TRC eliminating the process of having to choose who would utilize the services and the monetary value within, minimizing any ambiguity to the membership.

The restructure is simply based on the current child enrollment on the roster; again allowing all employees to utilize the TRC regardless of class size or which subject is taught.

We would still require a list of approved employees, so we are aware of who is employed by your learning center.  Any changes in staffing would require an email from the learning center leadership, removing an employee or adding a new hire.

Quality Rated inspections will determine the number of children in the facility; an average of the last two-three inspections would determine the following year’s membership fee.

Religious organizations can submit the annual board report to the TRC director prior to May 31st to determine the following year’s membership fees.

Membership remains July 1 to June 30 and payment is due prior to July 1, avoiding any interruption in the membership. A list of director-approved employees should be submitted at that time and changes in staffing may be modified accordingly throughout the year.  

Please call the TRC and we will happy to discuss the benefits of membership for your educational needs.  770.387.1103